Features & Use Cases

Here's our features and what you can do with them


Transform web pages, blog posts, and articles into various formats for seamless sharing across platforms, maximizing your productivity and amplifying the impact of your campaigns.


Simplify research and analysis for legal work by converting web pages, articles, and legal texts from the internet into readable and structured formats. This streamlines review, annotation, and information extraction for their cases.


Consulting firms often conduct extensive research and analysis for their clients. url2format can accelerate their research processes, ensuring that valuable insights and reports are easily accessible in structured formats.

Public Relations and Media Relations

PR agencies can save press releases, media mentions, and industry news articles from websites to organized formats. This aids in media monitoring, reputation management, and strategic communications for clients.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel agencies, hotels, and tourism organizations can utilize url2format to convert travel itineraries, destination guides, and accommodation details into easily accessible formats. This enhances customer experience and simplifies trip planning.

Retail and E-Commerce

Retailers and e-commerce businesses can use url2format to save product information, customer reviews, and market research data. This aids in product catalog management, market analysis, and competitor monitoring.

Media and Entertainment

Media companies and entertainment agencies can save press kits, talent profiles, and event details from websites into organized formats. This simplifies media coverage and enhances talent management.

Digital Marketing and SEO Agencies

Digital marketing and SEO agencies can save competitor analysis, keyword research, and marketing reports from websites. This assists in data-driven decision-making and crafting effective marketing strategies for clients.